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Today’s lesson: Set notation. aka How to shade boxes with circles inside.

Shading boxes.

Shading boxes.


Hmm... A thinking frog.

Hmm... A thinking frog.

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Aoi Hana OP Single – Aoi Hana (By: Kuuki Koudan)02

01. Aoi Hana

-Piano! Bass! This song slowly goes uphill, from a slow intro to the body, with a steady drum beat, my first thought was, the beat had no link with the Vocals, but soon, a nice bass line enters and links the drum beats to the vocals. A nice, joyful and calming song to listen too.

02. Gradation

-Piano! & Bass! Nice smooth pace. Again nice bass and vocals. Relaxing to listen to.

03. Ushiro ni Kikoeru

-Piano! Bass! Has a catchy rhythm to it. Feels kind of like jazz to me. Nice vocals. I can’t really describe this song well, but it is the nicer of the few in this single. One of my favs.

04. Kanashimi Shirankao

-Piano! A slow paced song.

CANAAN OP Single – mind as Judgment (By: Faylan)



01. mind as Judgment

– Kind of rock sounding, intro starts with quite a heavy distorted guitar riff with some drums, with a bit of wah effects. Whole lot of rhythm guitar and synths. Vocals + the instruments on this track kind of, in my opinion, sounds like some of Mizuki Nana’s songs. Piano bit in the 2nd third of the song, just a short bit though, followed by solo synths.

02. Utakata no Kotoritachi

– Vocals less rocky than the first track. Heavily synth backing music with an acoustic guitar in some parts. Quite a nice guitar solo two thirds into the song.

03. mind as Judgment (no vocals)

04. Utakata no Kotoritachi (no vocals)

Glassy Heaven (Ceui)


Some of the tracks reminds me of eufonius, and the vocal style kind of sounds like some of riya’s songs. Nice and pleasant album.

01. Uka

02. Qualia

03. Frozen Tear

04. Prayer

05. dreamscape

06. mellow melody

07. Towa no Kotoba

08. espacio

09. Paranoia

10. Prelude -Unmei no Kakera-

11.  Madoromi no Rakuen

12.  Seisen Spectale

13. Kokoro no Tsubasa


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Shimmie Imageboard

Finally, I got Shimmie 2.2.4 to work properly. The first time I tried to install Shimmie was on a webhost that had no PHP5 support, so fail. The second time was on another host, and luckily, it has PHP5. So you’re supposed to allow the web server to create folders and edit stuff by itself, CHMOD 777, didn’t realise it was supposed to be done that way -_-.

Anyway, now it is up and running, but I’m still testing it. Site can be found here: http://mayu-genjo.com/testbed

Feel free to upload stuff.

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Dualscreens, one wallpaper.

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Less than Half done

Less than Half done


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Photos are a bit blur, because it was a hazy day and it was gonna rain soon. The floating platform is also a distance away from where I stay so gotta zoom.

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