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Scenes from the Windows

Another photo-filled post with scenes from the windows.



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My iphone wallpaper.


Here is my iphone’s wallpaper.

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The only consumable loot I got from AFA09

The day before AFA09, after collecting the AFA tickets, I went to watch:

Evangelion 2.0

Evangelion 2.0 YOU CAN (NOT) ADVANCE

Before I say anything else about the movie, back to the first picture – the coffee.

Short UCC Evangelion 2.0 canned Coffee review:

The coffee tastes normal, nothing special. The metal can is quite thick, hard and have noticeable weight. Dents won’t appear that easily on these cans. The material used for the cans costs more than normal cans and this is reflected on the pricing of the UCC Evangelion coffee… と思う…

Quality can material, normal taste.



2 words: TOO AWESOME.

I’m not gonna review this movie. It’s just too awesome to put it into words, plus, I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

If you want to have an idea of what to expect:

There is a new character (which everyone already knows). So why introduce the character? What difference does Makinami Mari Illustrious make?

Now, you can either crack your brains and try to figure out what will happen OR you can just watch it and see it for yourself.

If you have yet to watch it cinemas, GO watch it!

Evangelion 2.0 You can (Not) Advance is worth watching on the big screens.

The theme song – the remix of the theme song for the first movie – is kind of nice too. I find it kind of interesting.

You can listen to it here (quality is not desirable though): http://nicosound.anyap.info/sound/sm7605732



post coming soon. soon….


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O… and after…

O, so O Levels ended? icic… What now? ~4 to 5 months of holidays. So long can do wut?


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とあるOctober Post

4 hours of AMaths lesson.

19 Days to Windoze 7.

23 Days to O Level.

~ 1 month to AFA09, Class Chalet & Sitex 09. All in the same week.

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HDD Benchmarking

Bored today, so did some benchmarking of my HDDs.

First up, WD 1TB Green Drive (715GB/931GB free):

Trek 1.8″ USB SSD 8GB:

SAMSUNG 2.5″ USB ext HDD 100GB:

Seagate 7200.11 1TB HDD:


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